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We are now offering New Managed Wi-Fi Plans and Price Lock for 3 Years! 5/1/22

Hanna City – 1/17/2022

Hanna City has moved to the scheduling phase and will soon be a completed fiberhood. Let’s get Hanna City 1, 3 & 4 to the next phase, sign-up today!

Become part of the #FIBERFAM, All You Need To Do Is Sign-Up!

Our infrastructure is ready and waiting for you to sign-up in the following communities. All you need to do is sign-up and we will take care of the rest…

  • Brimfield Village
  • Bryant Village
  • City of Elmwood
  • City of Farmington
  • City of Knoxville
  • City of Toulon
  • City of Wyoming
  • Dunfermline Village
  • Middle Grove Village
  • Princeville Village
  • St. David Village
  • Abingdon 1, 2, 6 & 8 are ready. Abingdon 3, 4, 5 & 7 are in Phase 2 Sign-up.
  • Most of Canton fiberhoods are ready except, B8, C5, C6, C8, D4, D6, D7 & D8. There are 38 fiberhoods in Canton!
  • Galva 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 & 8 are ready. Galva 5 & 6 are in Phase 2 Sign-up.
  • Lewistown 1, 3 & 7 are ready. Lewistown 2, 4, 5, 6 & 8 are in Phase 2 Sign-up.

Have questions, call/text  309-778-3278 or webchat now.

Weather Plays A Big Role In Winter Installations

As the temperatures continue to dip and winter weather rolls in, our team is preparing to change the way we install Mid Century Fiber service for the season. Since our fiber infrastructure is underground, a member of our survey team will come to your location and explore the possibility of placing a temporary drop at the home/business when the mainline is complete. If possible, the temporary drop would be placed above ground by laying it out across the yard and connecting it to the box on the side of the home. We would then come back once the temperatures rise and the ground finally thaws to bury the drop.

If you’ve recently moved and know the residence has had Mid Century Fiber service in the past, you’re in luck! The fiber is already buried and there’s no need for a temporary line at your new pad.

Understandably, many customers are anxious to get their temporary line buried when the seasons change. Like so many other Mid Century Fiber construction efforts, the drop process is entirely dependent on weather. But don’t be fooled, it takes more than the first sunny day of spring for our construction teams to be able to dig and bury temporary fiber lines. Depending on the location and makeup of the soil, it can take several weeks of consistently warm (over 60 degrees) weather for the ground to fully thaw.

Once the weather cooperates, our team will notify other utility companies to mark their lines and at times need to request a permit from the city. The timing of these necessary markings and permits vary by location. At the same time a team member will do a survey of your yard before burying the drop. We request you notify us of any underground sprinkler lines, dog fences or other buried items that do not belong to a major utility prior to the drop being buried.

As the temperatures rise, so do our support line calls. “When will my line be buried?” is our most frequently asked question. Based on the numerous uncontrollable factors that play into this process, it’s one of the few questions we can’t answer with specifics. Each year, it’s our goal to bury your drop as soon as possible.

When we’re able to begin the process, we’ll reach out by phone and email to alert you and explain the next steps. But feel free to reach out to our team any time with questions or concerns. You can call or text 309-778-3278, email fiber@midcentury.com or message us on facebook.

posted 1/2022