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Stream LIVE TV and More!


One source is here to help you with all of your smart connections!  It all starts with your Mid Century internet connection.

Streaming TV is becoming more and more popular as consumers are realizing they can watch LIVE TV, what they want, when they want and SAVE money at the same time.  Wireless outdoor cameras, video doorbells, smart sensors, voice assistants and many more connected devices are also becoming very popular.  One Source is here to help you with connecting most of your Wi-Fi devices. For more information or questions call 309-778-8611 or email onesource@midcentury.com.


Streaming, it’s not complicated…

One Source provides FREE phone consultations or we will come to your home for a small fee.  We will listen to what you want and what you expect from a streaming service provider.

1.  Plan

You provide a list of your favorite channels and number of TV’s.

2. Solution

We will provide the options for a streaming service provider and devices.

3.  Details

You can take it from here and install yourself or we can install it for you.



Just $99.95 for the first hour and billed in 1/2 hour increments thereafter.

1.  Connect your TV(s) and Streaming Service

Purchase your own device(s) or purchase from us.  We will install the device(s) and set up your accounts for both the device(s) and streaming service provider(s).

2.  Happy streaming

We will make sure it all works and you understand how it works.