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Mid Century Terms and Conditions

(a) I agree to pay Mid Century for (i) all use of my services, (ii) installation and applicable service charges, (iii) equipment, and (iv) all applicable local, state, and federal fees and taxes. Charges for the services that I receive have been provided to me. Other charges are set forth on a separate price list that I have received and/or can be provided on request. I will be billed monthly in advance for recurring monthly charges. If I participate in a promotional offer that requires a minimum time commitment and I terminate early, I agree that I am responsible for any termination fees that were described to me at the commencement of such promotional or discounted price.
(b) All charges are payable on the due date specified, or as otherwise indicated, on my bill. I agree that late charges may be assessed if my account is past due. My failure to deliver payment by the due date is a breach of this Agreement. The current late fees can be provided upon request and, if applicable, will not exceed the maximum late fees as set forth by applicable law. Mid Century reserves the right to change the late fees at any time.
(c) I authorize Mid Century to make any preparations to the premises, including buried facility necessary for the installation, maintenance, or removal of equipment. Mid Century shall not be liable for any effect of normal services installation and workmanship, such as holes in walls, etc., which may remain after installation or removal of the Mid Century equipment, except for damage caused by negligence on the part of Mid Century.
(d) The Mid Century equipment is and at all times shall remain the sole and exclusive personal property of Mid Century, and I agree that I do not become an owner of any Mid Century equipment by virtue of payments provided for in this Agreement or the Tariff(s) or the attachment of any portion of Mid Century equipment to my residence or otherwise. Upon termination of any services, subject to any applicable laws or regulations, Mid Century may, but shall not be obligated to, retrieve any associated Mid Century equipment not returned. All equipment must be returned upon cancellation of service to avoid charges.
(e) I agree that data services are best effort delivery and that unless enterprise class service is sold with an additional Service Level Agreement (SLA) specifically for committed bandwidth, that Mid Century does not guarantee that the maximum throughput rate will be achieved at all times. I also understand that the actual throughput rate I may experience at any time will vary based on numerous factors, such as the condition of wiring at my location, computer configurations, Internet and Mid Century network congestion, the time of day at which I use the service, and the website servers I access, usage of the service inconsistent with the Terms of Service, among other factors.
(f ) I agree that Mid Century residential service is to be used for personal, non-commercial use only. The service cannot be used for any commercial purpose whatsoever whether or not the enterprise is directed towards making a profit.
(g) I agree to accept and abide by Mid Century’ Terms of Service and network management policies during my use of data services, made available to me at installation and available to Mid Century’s website. Terms are subject to change.
(h) I understand the “Price for Life” is exclusive to the Ultimate Gigabit package and only applies to the Internet speed price, residential location selected at time of install, and does not include or extend to fees, taxes or surcharges. If an account is suspended for non-payment three (3) times in a calendar year and service is reconnected, the account will default to standard monthly pricing.
(i) I authorize Mid Century to make an investigation of my credit history if needed.
(j) I understand that Mid Century needs to have enough pre-registrations upfront in order to begin construction in my neighborhood. If requested I agree to pay a pre-registration payment in order to be counted in the penetration rate count. Once Mid Century receives enough pre-registrations, planning for construction will begin. The pre-registration fee, if paid, will be applied as a credit on my first month bill. If for some reason, Mid Century does not receive enough pre-registrations, the pre-registration payment will be returned to me upon request. Once Mid Century receives enough pre-registrations, the pre-registration payment is non-refundable. The number of pre-registrations needed is determined by each neighborhood. I must have the service installed during the Installation Phase or my pre-registration payment may be forfeited.
(k) I certify that I am 18 years old or older and I am the property owner or I have permission from the property owner to have services installed.
(l) I agree to the terms set forth and to pay a pre-registration payment if requested.
(m) I acknowledge that the voice-enabled Optical Network Terminal (ONT) used to provide the telephone service is electrically powered and that the telephone service, including the ability to access 9-1-1 services and home security and medical monitoring services, may not operate in the event of an electrical power outage. I acknowledge that, in the event of a power outage in my home, any battery (i.e. UPS) installed inside my voice-enabled ONT (whether self-installed or installed by Mid Century) may enable back-up service for a limited period of time or not at all, depending on the circumstances, and that the presence of the battery does not ensure that telephone service will be available in all circumstances. I may choose to lease a battery back-up device (UPS) from Mid Century for a monthly fee. Mid Century will be responsible for monitoring, ordering, and purchasing replacement batteries for leased UPS. I agree that Mid Century will not be responsible for any losses of damages arising as a result of the unavailability of the telephone service (such unavailability due to outages or a suspension of my account), including the inability to reach 9-1-1 or other emergency services, the inability to contact my home security system or remote medical monitoring service provider. I acknowledge the items listed above, in section (m), and the loss of power at my house will result in my home telephone service being out of service if I elect not to add a UPS to my service. (Initial: )
(n) By acquiring the Camera Package from Mid Century, you are consenting to both Mid Century’s terms of service and the subsequent terms and conditions detailed below. Please note that this package is not accessible for multi-dwelling units. All equipment included in the Camera Package, comprising one (1) wireless video doorbell and two (2) outdoor cameras equipped with solar panels, is owned and maintained by Mid Century. Additionally, the Video Doorbell Package encompasses one (1) Video Doorbell with chime. The service incorporates equipment
utilization, optimization, unlimited phone assistance, on-site support as deemed necessary by Mid Century, warranty services, and replacement if required.

Customers have the option to expand their product range for an extra monthly fee. To access this service, Mid Century internet service is mandatory, with a minimum speed of 400 Mbps, alongside Ultimate SmartNet Wi-Fi and utilization of the Mid Century Fiber app. Furthermore, the service cannot be suspended during vacation periods.

I acknowledge and accept that there is a minimum commitment period of twelve (12) months for the Camera Package and I am accountable for any early termination fees in the event of premature cancellation.

I agree to remunerate Mid Century for the installation of the aforementioned Camera Package and relevant service charges, inclusive of local, state, and federal taxes.

I understand that the Camera Package will be reflected on the Mid Century statement alongside internet charges and any other subscribed services. Charges are invoiced monthly in advance, with the first month prorated from the installation date. Payment for all charges is due as specified on the bill or as otherwise indicated. I consent to the imposition of late fees if my account remains outstanding beyond the due date, acknowledging that failure to meet payment deadlines constitutes a breach of this agreement.

The Mid Century internet equipment remains the exclusive property of Mid Century at all times, as stipulated in the separate Mid Century service agreement.

I certify that I am at least 18 years old and am the owner of the property. The Camera packages are solely available to property owners; they are not accessible to non-property owners. I authorize Mid Century to undertake any necessary preparations to the premises, including the installation, maintenance, or removal of equipment, such as buried facilities.

Mid Century shall not be held liable for any consequential effects resulting from standard installation and workmanship, such as wall penetrations, which may persist post-installation or removal of Mid Century equipment, barring damage attributable to Mid Century’s negligence.

Customer-incurred damage, whether accidental or intentional, is the customer’s responsibility. Charges will be incurred for damaged equipment, and installation fees may be applicable. Mid Century undertakes to replace faulty or malfunctioning equipment for the duration of the customer’s subscription to the Camera Package.

Monitoring services are not provided by Mid Century. Customers are responsible for selecting their preferred monitoring method, either self-monitoring or paid 24/7 monitoring directly through Roku, which will be billed accordingly.

Standard installation charges are applicable to all camera installations.