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One Source SmartHome

One Source is here to help you use technology to make your life safer, easier and better. You should not have to be a tech or DIY expert to enjoy all that smart home technology has to offer. We are here to take care of the tech part and let you jump right into the fun of using the technology. No-one is better equipped to help you with your Wi-Fi needs than your local, internet service provider, Mid Century.


Put eyes and ears anywhere with remote wireless monitoring. Stream the live feed to your TV with a Roku player or TV or pull up a live feed on your mobile phone. You can have two-way conversations, adjust motion detection zones, or sound the alarm from the Roku Smart Home app.

$10 per month*

Wire-free Video Doorbell & Chime SE

Answer your door from anywhere. Greet guests and shoo away pesky doorbell ditchers.






$40 per month*

Wire-free Video Doorbell & Chime – Answer your door from anywhere. Greet guests and shoo away pesky doorbell ditchers.

Two Outdoor Cameras – Watch your driveway, backyard or other outdoor space with wireless monitoring.

Two Solar Panels – Keeps your wireless camera powered with a few hours of sunlight per day.



*Installation charges, terms and conditions apply. Taxes, fees, and early temination fees may apply. Camera packages require Mid Century Fiber Internet with a minimum speed of 250Mbps and 12-month subscription. Internet speeds are “up to” and not guaranteed, pricing and packages are subject to change. Roku and The Roku Ready logo are registered trademarks of Roku, Inc.


Stream LIVE TV and More!

Our One Source technician will do the heavy lifting for you! Send us a channel diary of your “must-have” channels and we will find the streaming service that best fits your needs. We can install your streaming device(s), and services and show you how it works. Standard installation fees apply.

For more information call/text us at 309-778-3278 or email onesource@midcentury.com